Along the Trail 2: July 2017

More flowers are in bloom along the Erie Canalway bike trail in and around Fultonville, NY, though there are some challenges.

In addition to the flowers pictured here, the orange day-lilies, called “Tiger Lilies” by many, have begun to bloom.  They will probably be blooming (one bud a day) for the next week or two.    Also blooming are the pretty and weedy yellow flower pictured below,  as well as another pretty and weedy plant, known as the creeping bellflower.  The pink clematis that I mentioned in my last trail post is also still blooming, but I have a picture this time.  All of these are visible within two miles of Fultonville.

The following three pictures show sweetpea along the fence, a decorative bush in flower west of Fultonville along the paved portion, and a blooming milkweed.  The milkweed holds out promise in the near-term for the upstate New York delicacy of milkweed pods, which should soon be available from some local restaurants.

I do have to make one caution about the trail, however.  As you can see in my final picture, the stone dust part of the trail, a mile or so west of Fultonville, is blocked by a fallen Russian Olive tree.  While I do not suspect that the Russian government was involved in any fashion, it has been this way for over a week  now (I confirmed again this morning, July 7).  It really needs to be addressed prior to the arrival of the riders of the Cycle Erie Bike Tour on July 15.


While one can certainly go around by traversing the grass, it detracts from the overall experience.

All said, the trail is in its Summer glory and is not to be missed!

7/17/2017 UPDATE:   Montgomery County came through and removed the fallen tree in time for the bike tour, which included some 750 bicyclists.  Many thanks to the County DPW for making the ride safer!

Btw, the clematis are done for the season, but many wildflowers are still in bloom.

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