With sincere apologies to Messrs. Bernstein and Sondheim, the following is set to the tune of “Maria!”  (original is © 1956, 1957 Amberson Holdings LLC and Stephen Sondheim) from West Side Story.


The most wonderful mot for a cup of Joe.


Sumatra! Sumatra! Sumatra!
Sumatra! Sumatra!

Su – ma - tra!

I just had a cup of Sumatra
What a bold, fulfilling taste!
A single drop I will not waste – today!

I cannot stop drinking Sumatra!
As rich as life can be,
It warms every part of me, I say!

Drink it fast and you’re nearly sinful,
Drink it slow and your mouth will always be grinful…

I’ll never stop drinking Sumatra…


New! Donald J hand-extending glove!

Hear the pitch, here:

Here at the SteveLacksFocus Labs, we have been working on a number of interesting products in the past few weeks. By far the most promising is the “Donald J” hand-extending glove.

This glove adds three-quarters of an inch to each finger and pads the overall width and thickness of the back of the hand to create a more robust look. Each finger is fully articulated through the innovation of our patent-pending “tip clip” finger extensions, which fit snugly over each fingertip and allow you to move the fully-extended finger as if it were truly a part of you.

Each ”Donald J” is made of hand-stitched, premium grade leather and looks especially handsome combined with a dress shirt and our extra-long ties. Whether you want to look like a sensitive and caring piano player or just want that more rugged handsome appearance that is provided to a man with man-sized hands, the Donald J. hand-extending glove is the answer.

And now, for boys, too! Is your little guy getting picked on at the soccer grounds for his immature hands? The “Donald Jr.” can replace his confidence. The “Donald Jr.” is available in a variety of sizes with fingers proportionally lengthened to fit any school-age youngster.

The “Donald J” and “Donald Jr.” will be available soon wherever Yves Encore clothing is sold.

Winning in the Time of Trump

It seems to me that we Americans deserve a lot of what we get. That includes President Donald Trump. Trump’s popularity is the beneficiary of several social movements of the last half-century: our American obsessions with winning and with wealth, as well as the distillation of all points of view into yes or no. This essay deals with one of our favorite things: winning.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Winning is important. Life is a competition for scarce resources, for the pursuit of personal fulfillment, and a struggle against harsh environments and physical and mental limitations. It is essential to find success in these challenges: to win! However, there are ways of winning that can help others to be successful or, at least, not degrade those others. When winning is the sole and overriding goal, it can lead to harmful behavior. Continue reading “Winning in the Time of Trump”