Staying Up Late

Yes, it’s been a long time since my last post.  It’s been a busy year and many different parts of life have commanded my attention (Hence, the site name SteveLacksFocus).

On one such occasion of distraction, I was looking through old materials that I had put in a file probably back in college days.  I got a chuckle re-reading it and thought it might be fun for the blog.  I reworked a little bit of the meter and rhythm.  Here you go:

Staying Up Late

Neither evening, Noon, nor night
am I in such a plight
as in the morning when I mourn
for a day that's newly born.
The cock crows,
the light grows,
and all God's creatures come alive
except for me.
Don't you see?
I was up 'til quarter to five.

God Save ‘Da Prez

Here’s a fun little ditty for a Friday morning.  Sing out loud or to yourself to the tune of “My Country ‘Tis of Thee”. Need I say more?

My Country 'Tis for Me
Land of O-li-garchy
Of Me I Sing
Land where my Father lied
Housing to blacks denied
I love the Upper East Side
Of Me I Sing

My friends, please look at me:
Monied celebrity
It's me you love
With ten thousand-dollar bills,
Hedge funds will be fulfill'd
My wallet with rapture thrills
Of Greed I love

Let healthcare go to pot
And all Obama wrought --
Costs that are bad!
Let angry tongues awake
I'll sell them oil of snake
'Til their pocketbooks shall break
Like a Trump U. grad

They'll think I'm God -- you'll see
They'll trade their liberty
for me, I Sing
Long may my Star be bright
Lit up by TV light
Rev'ling every Twitter fight
Donald Trump your King.

Trump Tops the Eclipse

Scene: The Oval Office

President Donald J. Trump, Steve Bannon, and Vice-President Mike Pence are present, sitting. Sarah Huckabee-Sanders is entering the room.

TRUMP: “Standers –“

SANDERS: “It’s Sanders, sir”

TRUMP: “Yeah — don’t worry — I know my people — believe me”

SANDERS: “Yes, sir.”

TRUMP: “What’s all this about a blackout?”

Sanders looks at the President, confused.

TRUMP:   “You know, this thing that’s going to eclipse – (aside) nice word, huh – who says I don’t know words? – (to Sanders) that’s going to eclipse my Twitter feed.”

SANDERS: “Oh, you mean the Solar eclipse that is going to occur on Monday, August 21. “

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Straddling the Budgie

A typical stretching exercise in my house is “Straddling the Budgie.” Regardless of one’s interest in exercise or not, one often finds that he or she is performing “Straddling the Budgie” on multiple occasions during a day. The major culprit for this exercise is our sixteen-year-old Siamese-mix cat, Budget. He was no doubt the runt of the litter. He is relatively small for a cat, with a single dark brown brow with a white face and tan flanks with white paws. His markings are so attractive and unusual that they serve only to make that other famous uni-brow cat jealous (maybe that’s why that other cat never looks happy).

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With sincere apologies to Messrs. Bernstein and Sondheim, the following is set to the tune of “Maria!”  (original is © 1956, 1957 Amberson Holdings LLC and Stephen Sondheim) from West Side Story.


The most wonderful mot for a cup of Joe.


Sumatra! Sumatra! Sumatra!
Sumatra! Sumatra!

Su – ma - tra!

I just had a cup of Sumatra
What a bold, fulfilling taste!
A single drop I will not waste – today!

I cannot stop drinking Sumatra!
As rich as life can be,
It warms every part of me, I say!

Drink it fast and you’re nearly sinful,
Drink it slow and your mouth will always be grinful…

I’ll never stop drinking Sumatra…