Updated rules for Anabid! released

Multi-colored Anabid! dice with scoring reminder & steal tokens
Anabid! dice with Steal markers and scoring reminder card.

We’ve just release updated rules for Anabid! , our competitive bidding word game, that include an exciting new feature: the Steal! Each player receives steal tokens that allow them to take another player’s bid by identifying additional word(s) of the same length as those bid.

Be careful how you use the steal tokens, however. You must announce your attempt to steal while the player is revealing their words. Announce too early and the player might just spell the word you were going to use. Announce too late and another player might try to steal.

Each player gets steal markers to use over the three rounds of the game. Steal 1 markers require you to spell one additional word; Steal 2 markers require two additional words. Adding to the challenge, you only get one of each.

Anabid! is in pre-release with a limited number of development sets available. Want to know more about Anabid! ? Check out the rules, here, or write us at admin@stevelacksfocus.net.

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