Along the Trail

Blooming along the Erie Canalway Bike and Walking trail in Fultonville, NY on June 9 are Clematis and some sort of wild rose.  When the bike trail was put in several years ago, some thoughtful person took it upon themselves to plant clematis along the fenced part of the trail, heading west from the Route 30A – Route 5s junction.  Both the purple clematis (jackmanii?) and a very attractive pink clematis can be found along this section.Photographs of unidentified shrub rose and purple clematis

At the very corner referenced above (Routes 30A & 5s), can be found a huge, very pleasant-smelling bush of small white rose-like flowers.  Both the rosebush and purple clematis are pictured above.  As you may be able to see, the rosebush is overgrowing a crabapple (bloomed earlier this year) and is competing with several weedy box elders.